Jazz, Blues, & Miss Erin

Some of the best things about summertime are all the outdoor festivals that pop up all over the place. Just something about being outdoors, enjoying the sun, the fresh air, and even better, listening to live music. Last Sunday I went to Red Bank, NJ to the “Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Festival”.

I was joined by my friends Danielle, Jessica and Miss Erin. More on them later. Well as with most of my weekends it started off late. Really late… I intended on getting there closer to 11am when it opened for the day, but instead spent several hours fighting with my printer at my shop. I was trying to make up some business cards to bring along with me in the event I would need to hand one out. No luck… very frustrating. Finally I said screw it. I probably won’t need them anyways. And of course, during the course of the day, I was approached by a couple wanting their picture taken, asking about the work I do. “Do you have a business card??” DOH!!!

But I get ahead of myself… I met up with the girls just before 3pm.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon. Sunny and clear, though it got a little bit on the overcast side later on, with a nice cool breeze. The festival itself had a very nice turn out. A lot of people came out, whether for the live music, or the abundance of food stands, or simply just to get outside.
The ground was covered with lawn chairs; people leaning back, kicking off their sandals, popping open a fresh cold beverage, and listening to some really good live performances. Vendors lined the perimeter of the park selling everything from sausages to tie-dyed tee-shirts to handmade jewelry to photograph prints in cardboard mattes. (hmmm… idea)

There were 3 stages each featuring some really good talent. I really enjoy listening to live jazz and blues. I don’t know much about the music itself, but I do enjoy it. I walked around a bit taking a few photos here and there. Not as much as I usually do at events like this… guess it was just a casual day and I was in a casual mood.


Now my friends can tell you I usually hate doing things by myself. I find experiencing things with someone is half the experience itself. I was so happy to have shared this experience with three lovely ladies. One of whom I blame for not taking as many photos of the festival as I mainly took photos of her. No offense to Danielle or Jessica. Both very attractive women in their own right, but Miss Erin is something else. The sweetest smile, the most beautiful blue eyes. And baby soft skin… pretty much cause she’s 8 months old! How could I not take her picture?!


Well back to the festival… I really enjoyed myself. The music was great. The people all around were friendly. And the food was good, which by the way I had a soft shell crab sandwich and yes it is exactly what it says it is. A whole fried soft shell crab… on a bun. And tarter sauce. After I stopped giggling at what I ordered and how it looked it was actually quite tasty.


I’m definitely looking forward to other festivals and events this summer throughout NJ and NYC. This was my first time at JSJBF I’m really glad I got to go this year. Thank you to my friends for joining me.