Starlight Ballroom Showcase 6/09

When I was in college, I took ballroom lessons with a girlfriend I had back then. We were pretty good. I always moved well and liked to dance and she, well, was a dance major. So we took to it pretty well. That was over 10 years (and 30 lbs) ago. When my sister got married my mom got into ballroom, dragging my dad with her to learn the waltz, and cha cha among a few others in preparation for the big event. Well my sister is now married and my mom is STILL dragging my dad with her to ballroom lessons. Hustle, swing, rumba, and now the Argentine Tango. She’s a bit nuts. And it hasn’t only been my dad she’s been dragging. Me too. For us its been Salsa. Its been quite a while for me but I have to admit I still really enjoy it. Not as comfortable with the added weight but its still fun. Two weeks ago the studio had a Showcase where several of the students performed with some of the instructors. Ballroom dance is fun… and at times HOT!!  😉 I’m glad my mom’s ‘making’ take classes again. Just takes a lot of energy and a lot of time. Both of which can be hard to come by. But hey… its fun!