Saturday night at Gramercy Theater

Last Saturday a friend of mine invited me to see one of her favorite bands play in the city. “Sure, why not…” I don’t really go to see bands often, though I must say I do enjoy live music. ‘The Gramercy Theater’ is in Chelsea on 23rd Street. I believe it used to be the old Neighborhood Playhouse Theater, though I’m not certain as I haven’t had to the chance to look it up. Either way, it was a really nice space. Good acoustics and I really liked the fact that the speakers were set high so even though the bands were loud, I wasn’t deafened (is that I word?) by sound waves striking directly into my face. We walked in… had a drink… and then I realized, “hey my camera is in the car. I should go get it!”. I’m glad I did as the lighting was pretty cool and I think I got a few good shots (though you can be the judge of that). We missed the first opening band but the second was called ‘The Ruse’. Pretty good. As my friend Andrea said “they have a very U2 sound to them”, which is not a bad thing. The lead singer was quite the showman. “Act like a star and the world will treat you like one.”  😉


The main act was a band called ‘Kill The Alarm’. Very cool. Really enjoyed them. The crowd LOVED them. Definitely a good fun show. Towards the end they had everyone singing along with them. Great way to close. I’ll definitely be downloading some of their songs.