Creeper in Dumbo 001

Beautiful Sunday afternoon. Hung out on the Pedestrian Mall on Newark Ave. in downtown JC while I waited for a friend. Lots of light this day so we were going to try to make it a picture taking day.

Original plans for the day/night were to walk the Brooklyn Bridge (something I have yet to do). Hour was getting late and didn’t want to miss the sunset, so we headed out to Dumbo and walked along the water. Lots of people were out enjoying the weather. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy people watching?

This was also the first time I got to really test out the Canon FD 135mm f2.8. Great little telephoto. Sharp!


As the sun started to set, we came across a fairly popular spot for photographers. Yeah… three words we just don’t understand.  :-p

Thankfully I’d learn to always (well, almost always) have a tripod with me. Got to play with some long exposures. Good spot. Definitely will be back.