Happy Holi Hai!!

This year marks the 9th Annual Holi Hai Festival of Colors in Jersey City. A celebration of life, color, and the arrival of Spring. Good food, live music, and lots and lots of colored powder strewn around while people laugh and smile. It was a LOT of fun!! My friend Dane and I made sure we were prepared (mostly) for the day. We wrapped and protected our gear as much as we could, as neither of our cameras were weather sealed and we worried that all the powder could possibly cause problems with the sensors. This brought up other challenges as we later discovered. Ever try looking at a screen through dusty plastic? Had to cut holes to poke our viewfinders through which eventually let some of the powder in. And although the bodies of our cameras were covered, that still left the glass end of our lenses exposed. Dodging puffs of color was fun!  :-p

And that all still left me with an interesting challenge as all my lenses are manual focus now. This was my first real attempt at “zone focusing”. I’m happy to say I was (mostly) successful. Zone focusing, used often in street photography, makes use of a smaller aperture which results in a longer field of view, allowing more things to be in focus. Kinda different from my usual kind of photography as I usually like separating my subjects in the frames from the backgrounds. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a Bokeh-whore. Just LOVE shallow depth of field.  ehh… just a different way of shooting.

One more note… as much as I usually love Canon color for most things, I have to say I was happy to have my X-E2 with me this day. Fuji colors were made for festivals like these. Love all that saturation and pop!! All images, except for one, are Jpegs shot using Fuji’s Velvia Film Simulation. Only post processing I did was to bring out some detail in shadows and adjust highlights. Color saturation and vibrance were all basically out of camera. All shot with an adapted Canon FD 35mm f2 lens via a Metabones Speedbooster.Really liking this combination and it seems the more I work with it, the better I’m getting at manual focusing.

Enjoy these images!  Happy Holi Hai!!