About Me

Nice To Meet You

A little about the slightly awkward guy to the right... I remember being a yound boy running around, pretending my toy "Shazzam" View-Master was a camera, and clicking away at anything and everything. In the fifth grade, I got my first point and shoot camera. It was a brick of a thing that took quite a beating as I would take it just about everywhere with me. Rolls and rolls of film go by... I started borrowing my dad's old Canon F1 manual SLR. Taught myself light balance and metering. More rolls of film go by.

As I entered high school, my dad thought it was time for the both of us to upgrade our cameras. It was then I got my very own big boy SLR, the Canon Elan. I took that EVERYWHERE. That is until I lost it. Ok... I didn't actually lose it. I left it in a NYC cab one day. (Dad was not happy.) Sooo... once again I borrowed his camera - the Canon A2E. It was great! Even more rolls of film go by.

During this time, I also discovered acting. I began studying human emotions and reactions. The way people connect to one another. And not just to each other but to everything around us. I took my lessons in theater along with my lessons in photography and discovered new ways of seeing. I wanted to capture those moments in time in a way that told a story. Images that not only people would like, but also made them think and talk about. To provoke emotion just as lines do on stage. Then came digital photography. RE-WRITABLE MEMORY!!!

Well, 4 digital SLRs, 2 mirrorless cameras, dozens of memory cards, countless camera bags, and thousands of gigabytes later I'm still clicking away at anything and everything.

My Latest Captures